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Owner Jeff Rhinehart

My name is Jeff Rhinehart. I’ve been doing drywall since 1980, self-employed since 1981. Thats over 30 yrs! I developed my craft in CapeCod, Massachusetts with summer homes and condominiums. In 1986 I moved back to NY and re-tailored “The Rock Company” into a smaller drywall company. I gave up motels and condominiums and began to specialize in custom homes. I use newly updated products and make sure my clients experience a quality, dust free, timely project.

From WWII until the early 90”s the drywall industry stayed pretty much the same. Since then, drywall has experienced an influx of newer products improving its flexibility and quality. I would love to talk with you about your upcoming project. Give me a call today!

Jeff Rhinehart